Hip Hop Streets Volume 4

M-Pro Loops Studio
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M-Pro Loops Studio

Presenting "Hip Hop Streets Volume 4" – the quintessential sound arsenal for contemporary urban music production that transcends the boundaries of Hip Hop, Trap, and Drill.

Key and BPM is included for all samples/loops!

This extraordinary sample pack is a sonic masterpiece that spans 3.5GB of pure audio bliss, consisting of a staggering 1037 studio samples and loops. With its diverse contents, "Hip Hop Streets Volume 4" is the definitive toolkit for producers seeking to inject grit, groove, and grandeur into their tracks.

🎶 Arp Loops (10 Samples) 🎶 Unearth the hypnotic essence of the city streets with these mesmerizing arpeggiated loops. These 10 samples will effortlessly infuse your beats with an urban mystique, weaving a tapestry of sound that's both captivating and infectious.

🔊 Bass Loops (10 Samples) 🔊 Feel the low-end pulse of the metropolis with these 10 bass loops that rumble and groove. From thunderous 808s to punchy sub-basses, your tracks will resonate with power and depth.

🏗️ Construction Kits (322 Samples) 🏗️ Unlock the keys to urban music production with an astonishing 322 samples carefully organized into construction kits. Each kit is a treasure trove of inspiration, providing you with the building blocks to create chart-topping hits that reflect the raw energy of the streets.

🥁 Drum Loops (30 Samples) 🥁 Infuse your beats with the heartbeat of the city using these 30 expertly crafted drum loops. From boom-bap grooves to trap-inspired rhythms, these loops will have your listeners nodding their heads in appreciation.

🎪 Loops Pack One (71 Samples) 🎪 Dive into the first of three loop packs, offering 71 captivating samples that transport your music into the heart of the urban jungle. Each loop is a sonic narrative, telling stories of life, rhythm, and authenticity.

🏙️ Loops Pack Two (72 Samples) 🏙️ Continue your sonic journey with the second loop pack, consisting of 72 evocative samples that paint vivid soundscapes of the city's hustle and bustle. From streetwise melodies to soulful harmonics, it's all here.

🚦 Loops Pack Three (70 Samples) 🚦 Conclude your exploration of the city streets with the third loop pack, featuring 70 samples that capture the essence of urban life. These loops will infuse your tracks with an unmistakable urban aura.

🎵 Melodics (20 Samples) 🎵 Elevate your compositions with 20 melodics samples that evoke emotion and depth. These musical gems are the perfect complement to your beats, adding an extra layer of sophistication.

🔫 One Shots (432 Samples) 🔫 Unleash your creativity with a staggering 432 one-shot samples. From hard-hitting kicks and snares to dazzling synth stabs and vocal shots, these elements will give your productions the edge they deserve.

"Hip Hop Streets Volume 4" is more than a sample pack; it's a portal to the gritty, electrifying world of urban music. No matter if you're crafting Hip Hop anthems, Trap bangers, or Drill masterpieces, this collection will empower your creative vision, ensuring your music stands out and resonates with the pulsating energy of the streets.

Immerse yourself in the sound of the city, and let your beats rise to the top with "Hip Hop Streets Volume 4." Elevate your production game today! 🎤🌃🔊