Hip Hop Streets Volume 2

M-Pro Loops Studio
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M-Pro Loops Studio

Presenting the Hip Hop Streets 2 Sample Pack, a powerhouse collection of urban sounds designed to ignite your hip hop productions. This sample pack boasts an impressive selection of 737 audio samples and loops spanning over 1.15GB of content.

With its authentic street flavor and hard-hitting beats, Hip Hop Streets 2 Pack is the ultimate toolkit for any modern hip hop producer.

Construction Kits (247 Samples): Dive into the heart of urban soundscapes with meticulously crafted construction kits that offer a diverse range of elements to fuel your creativity. Each kit contains a treasure trove of loops, samples, and MIDI files, providing endless possibilities for your productions.

10 Bass Loops: Lay down a solid foundation for your tracks with these punchy and infectious bass loops. From deep subsonic rumbles to gritty basslines, these loops will add that essential low-end energy to your hip hop beats.

10 Top Drum Loops: Add rhythmic intricacy to your tracks with these top drum loops. Packed with crisp percussion, snappy snares, and intricate hi-hats, these loops are perfect for creating dynamic grooves and adding depth to your beats.

30 Kicks + Snares: Find the perfect kick and snare combination to make your drums hit hard. This collection features a wide array of punchy kicks and snappy snares, providing the essential backbone for your hip hop productions.

40 Drum Loops FULL: Elevate your tracks with these full drum loops, complete with kick, snare, percussion, and hi-hat patterns. These loops are ready to drop into your projects, instantly infusing them with authentic hip hop vibes.

40 Hip Hop SFX: Enhance your productions with an array of captivating sound effects. From atmospheric textures to vocal chops and transition elements, these SFX will inject your tracks with that extra dose of urban flair.

60 Full Percussion Loops: Add infectious rhythms and layers to your beats with these full percussion loops. From shakers to congas, bongos to tambourines, these loops will bring life and groove to your hip hop tracks.

75 Music Loops: Explore a wide spectrum of melodic possibilities with these music loops. From soulful pianos and lush strings to gritty synth leads and catchy melodies, these loops will inspire your compositions and melodies.

225 Instrumental Loops: Unlock endless creativity with an extensive selection of instrumental loops. From rich and soulful melodies to edgy and gritty riffs, these loops cover a broad range of instruments, including guitars, keys, brass, and more.

Hip Hop Streets 2 Pack is the ultimate arsenal for any hip hop producer looking to capture the essence of the streets. From underground vibes to mainstream appeal, this sample pack delivers the goods to take your tracks to the next level. Get ready to unleash the true power of urban music with Hip Hop Streets 2 Pack!