Hip Hop Streets Volume 1

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M-Pro Loops Studio

Introducing "Hip Hop Streets Volume 1"
– a groundbreaking sample pack that will transport you to the heart of urban music production. Bursting with creativity, this pack offers a vast selection of audio samples, loops, and MIDI files, making it an indispensable resource for hip hop producers, beatmakers, and musicians looking to infuse their tracks with authentic street vibes.

All samples have BPM and Key information included! Create music faster

Featuring 10 meticulously curated construction kits, "Hip Hop Streets Volume 1" provides endless possibilities for crafting your next urban masterpiece. Each construction kit is a complete package, meticulously designed to capture the essence of the streets and deliver hard-hitting, dynamic sounds.

With a whopping 504 audio samples, loops, and MIDI files, this pack offers an unparalleled range of tools to spark your creativity. It includes a variety of essential elements, with a special focus on the following:

  1. Bass Loops: The foundation of any hip hop track, the bass loops in "Hip Hop Streets Volume 1" are carefully crafted to deliver a powerful low-end presence. These loops will add depth, impact, and groove to your productions, ensuring your beats hit hard.

  2. Melody Loops: From soulful pianos and atmospheric synths to captivating guitar melodies, the melody loops in this pack provide the perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable hooks and captivating musical arrangements. Immerse your listeners in a sonic journey that resonates with the streets.

  3. 808s: No hip hop production is complete without deep, rumbling 808 bass sounds. "Hip Hop Streets Volume 1" includes a comprehensive selection of 808 samples that will give your tracks that undeniable low-frequency punch, ensuring your beats knock with authority.

  4. Hats: Infuse your beats with rhythmic energy using a diverse collection of hat samples. Whether you're aiming for classic boom-bap or modern trap vibes, these hats will provide the perfect crisp and sharp hi-hat sounds to enhance your drum patterns.

  5. Kicks: The kick drum samples in this pack are expertly designed to cut through the mix, providing the foundation for your tracks with powerful impact. From tight and punchy kicks to booming and sub-heavy hits, these samples will take your beats to the next level.

  6. Percussion One Shots: Elevate your rhythm section with an extensive collection of percussion samples. From unique street-inspired elements to organic and textured sounds, these one shots will add depth, groove, and urban flavor to your productions.

  7. Snares: The snare drum samples in "Hip Hop Streets Volume 1" deliver the perfect balance of snap, crack, and character. From tight and snappy snares to more textured and gritty options, these samples will give your beats the necessary punch and attitude.

  8. Vox One Shots: Add a touch of personality and attitude with the included vocal one shots. From adlibs and chants to impactful vocal stabs and shouts, these samples will add an urban flair and an extra layer of intensity to your tracks.

With a total size of 1.3GB, "Hip Hop Streets Volume 1" offers an extensive and comprehensive collection of high-quality samples that will transform your productions.

This pack is an essential resource for any producer seeking to capture the authentic sounds and vibes of the hip hop streets, providing you with the tools to create hard-hitting, memorable tracks.