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Drag and drop these midi files into your DAW of choice or use them as inspiration for some new sounds. It has never been easier to create an awesome sounding track with these MIDI files.

1.005.000 Drums Midi Collection
The 1.005.000 Drums Midi Collection is an awe-inspiring and extensive collection of drum MIDI files that is perfect for any music producer looking to enhance their production and take their music to...
US$12.00 US$79.90
Ultra Midi Collection Bundle 1.002.000 Files!
The Ultra Midi Collection Bundle 1.002.000 Files is an impressive and comprehensive collection of MIDI files for electronic music producers. This bundle offers an unparalleled selection of over one...
US$12.00 US$59.99
Super Midi Collection Bundle Digital 845,000 Files
Super Midi Collection Bundle includes the best 845,000 Midi samples (Updated) you can find on internet, period. This includes Midi Collection 1 + Midi Collection 2. Not freeware from the...
US$12.00 US$31.00
Super Midi Collection Bundle 999.500 Files!
The bundle contains more than 999.500 Midi files in this Bundle! Download today/Use today. A stunning collection of Midi files that you can use with your synths or drum instruments, inside your...
US$10.00 US$49.99
996.000 Drum Midi Collection
New refreshed, 996.500 Drum Midi files now in this bundle! Updated with Latest Available Drum Midi Packs Download today/Use today. You will receive for free future library updates, new...
US$10.00 US$69.90
425.200 Midi Collection - Almost All Music Genres
This Best Seller collection includes the best 425.500 Midi samples you can find, period. After first best seller in this category, the Midi Pack Volume 2 that we released here is the new king in...
US$8.00 US$12.00
420.000 Midi Collection - Almost All Music Genres
This Best Seller collection includes the best 420000 Midi samples you can find, period. Not freeware from the internet, not unusable Midi files, not junk midi files. Only high quality Midi...
US$8.00 US$12.00