996.000 Drum Midi Collection

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New refreshed, 996.500 Drum Midi files now in this bundle! 
Updated with Latest Available Drum Midi Packs

Download today/Use today. You will receive for free future library updates, new libraries will be added every 1-2 months! You will simply use your personal download link to download new libraries!

A stunning collection of Drum Midi files that you can use with your drum instruments / VSTs, inside your DAW of choice. Just use Drag and Drop to your tracks, add Kontakt or Battery or EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer or any drum instrument.

Manipulate then the midi file and create your own music. Use construction kits, use rolls, drum beats or hi-hats included, add some bass-lines or anything that you need, to create fast melodies.
You wonder how many artists are making their beats or rolls, or you simply want to start your drum beat from somewhere? You need Midi files.

Create remarkable tracks for EDM, hip-hop, dubstep, club, dnb, house, trap, cinematic, trance, techno, rock, pop or any other music styles. Collection is updated almost every month, latest update was ONE WEEK ago.

Here is just a small portion of what’s inside…

Kicks only tracks
Full songs drums
Hihat Rolls
Snare Rolls
Percussion Grooves
Various Tempos available
and Much, Much more..

Many libraries Contains intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, fills, and ending variations

No matter what kind of music you make you will find something that will turn your tracks into works of art.

Midi files are Compatible with: Ableton drum racks, Addictive Drums (all), Abbey Road, BFD (all), Eco, EZdrummer (all), GM, Superior Drummer, Session Drummer, Steven Slate, Studio Drummer and many more!

Compatible with all DAW recording software and all major drum samplers

Midi drum loops for Breakbeat beats, DnB beats, Downtempo beats, Garage, House beats, Jungle, Techno, Trance. You find inside Pop beats, trap beats, hip-hop beats, EDM and Techno midi drums and many many styles
Note: This is a download of Midi files collection only, no synths or instruments are included. Software is not included! Just the Midi files, organized in categories and various collection folders

These are a must-have for all producers. Buy and Download them NOW!

After payment, you will receive very fast (most of time within one hour) your personal download link to download and use same day!

You will download from Google Drive (Google Cloud), this guarantees fast download speed, anywhere in the world. You don't need an account to download