Trance Fusion: FREE Modern Production Kit

Composer Loops
Composer Loops

The "Trance Fusion: Modern Production Kit" is here to be your ticket to trance bliss!


๐ŸŒŸ With our most recent free sample pack, "Trance Fusion: Modern Production Kit," only available at, you may explore the world of contemporary trance music. Your go-to resource for producing chart-topping trance music that will enthrall your audience is this painstakingly compiled compilation.

๐ŸŽถ What is within?

With a startling 805 trance samples and loops and a huge 1GB of library content, "Trance Fusion" gives you all you need to advance your creations. This collection offers everything you need, whether you're an experienced producer or just getting started in the world of trance music.

Discover a Wide Range of Sounds:

(20) Percussion_138bpm: Add an appealing groove and rhythm to your beats.
FX for Trance: Add mind-bending effects to elevate your music.
Create luscious melodies and compelling leads using synths (26).
(30) Bass_loops_138bpm: Pump up that distinctive trance bassline.
(40) Atmospads: Construct captivating ambiances and textures.
(41) Synths_138 bpm: Immediately give your creations a boost of vigor.
Build your foundation with strong, punchy beats with the (70) drum loops.
Drum_loops 138 bpm (77): Get the party started with these upbeat sounds.
Fills: Make your transitions more exciting and tense.
(172) Bass: Perfect your low-end tuning.
(221) Voices: Add ethereal vocal effects to elevate your tracks.

๐Ÿš€ Increase the Quality of Your Trance Productions: "Trance Fusion" is more than simply a sample bundle; it's your ticket to creating world-class contemporary trance music. Whether you're making progressive, psytrance, or upbeat music, these carefully chosen sounds will spark your imagination and take your work to new heights.

๐ŸŽ Download Free of Charge:
Don't pass up this fantastic chance to obtain "Trance Fusion: Modern Production Kit" without charge. Visit right away to start your journey to trance ecstasy. With "Trance Fusion," let your imagination run wild and your music soar.