Trap Sensation Loops: Free Samples Pack

Composer Loops
Composer Loops

Introducing the "Trap Sensation Loops" free sample pack, available only here, at

This pack is a treasure trove for music producers, offering a whopping 700 high-quality trap samples and loops, all royalty-free for your creative projects.

Inside, you'll find an extensive variety of sounds, including:

  • 5 Drum Fills: Perfect for adding dynamic rhythm and transitions to your tracks.
  • 11 Risers (WAVs): Elevate your music with these cinematic risers that build anticipation and excitement.
  • 15 FX Elements: Infuse your compositions with unique and atmospheric effects.
  • 17 808s (WAVs): Ground-shaking, bass-heavy 808 samples to drive your trap beats.
  • 21 VOCAL_LP: Vocal loops to add a human touch and texture to your tracks.
  • 84 SYNTH_LP: An array of synth loops to craft melodies and hooks.
  • 107 BASS_LOOPS: Dive into deep basslines to give your music that signature trap groove.
  • 157 MUSIC_LOOP: Melodic loops that inspire creativity and add depth to your compositions.
  • 159 DRUM_LOOPS: Drum patterns and beats to kickstart your tracks.

With "Trap Sensation Loops," you'll have an extensive palette of sounds to experiment with, all designed to help you create captivating and distinctive trap music.

Plus, the royalty-free nature of these samples ensures that your creations are free to flourish without any copyright concerns.