Sound Loops 86 - Deep House

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Sound Loops 86 Deep HOUSE Collection - 9 GB Download. This Deep House Bundle comes with 4960 WAV Samples

Included in this SOUND-LOOPS COLLECTION you will receive a great selection of:

Deep House Drum Loops 
Inspiration Sounds
Deep House Music Loops
Deep FX Oneshots
Bass Oneshots
Drum Oneshots
Synth Oneshots 
Bass Loops and Drum Hits
Melodic Loops, Melodies
Synth Loops and Piano Loops
Full Drum Loops for Deep House
Hits and FX Loops
Vox / Vocal Hits and Loops   
Deep House Piano  Keys WAV Loops
Pads and Atmospheres
Bass and Subs
Voices and Vocal Hook Loops  

About Deep House: this is a subgenre of house music that emerged in the 1980s. It is characterized by its use of soulful and emotive vocals, jazzy chord progressions, and a strong emphasis on basslines. Deep house is known for its smooth and groovy feel, and often features elements of funk, soul, and jazz.

Deep house tracks are typically characterized by a slower tempo (around 120-125 BPM) than other subgenres of house music, and often have a more hypnotic and atmospheric feel. Unlike the more commercial forms of house music, deep house focuses more on the musical elements and less on the vocals.

Deep house is also known for its use of samples and loops, taken from funk, soul, and jazz records, and incorporating them into their tracks, this gives the genre a unique and nostalgic feel. Many deep house producers use a variety of music production techniques such as filtering, reverb, and delay to create a more complex and layered sound.

Deep house is popular in underground dance music scenes and continues to evolve and influence other electronic music genres.