Sound Loops 84 - Deep House

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Sound Loops 84 Deep HOUSE Collection - 9 GB Download
Deep House Bundle 84 comes with 4170 WAV Samples

Music genres and categories included with this COLLECTION: Deep House, Progressive, Tech and Future House music and sub-genres.  

Included in this SOUND-LOOPS COLLECTION you will receive a great selection of:

Deep House Drum Loops 
Inspiration Sounds
Deep House Music Loops
FX Oneshots
Bass Oneshots, Drum Oneshots, Synth Oneshots 
Bass Loops Drum Hits
Melodic Loops, Melodies
Synth Loops
Piano Loops
Full Drum Loops for Deep House
Hits and FX Loops
Vox / Vocal Hits and Loops 
Piano  Keys WAV Loops Impacts
Pads and Atmospheres
Bass and Subs

Deep house is a subgenre of house music that originated in the 1980s and is characterized by its use of soulful and emotive vocals, smooth and mellow beats, and a focus on musicality and atmosphere over traditional song structures. Deep house tracks often feature elements of jazz, funk, and soul music, and are known for their use of complex chord progressions, atmospheric synths, and subtle, layered rhythms.

Deep house is known for its smooth and groovy basslines, which are often accompanied by a steady 4/4 kick drum, and it's also characterized by the use of jazzy chord progressions and soulful vocal samples. The tempo of deep house tracks is typically between 110-125 BPM.

Deep house music can be seen as a more introspective, atmospheric and mellow version of the traditional house genre. It's often used as background music in lounges, bars, and clubs and it's also popular in the context of Yoga, meditation and relaxation.

All music samples are Royalty Free. For each genre you get at least few thousands (and more!) samples and loops, all organized in libraries and sub-folders. Samples are Studio Quality, usable in any project you may have.