Volume 11 Free Sample Pack - 4GB Download 3000 Loops

Composer Loops
Composer Loops

Volume 11 Free Samples and Loops Pack, RELEASED. Ready to download now!

This time, we offer a great selection of rare music genres nowadays, Jazz, Lo Fi, Garage and grime, Retrowave and Synthwave, Disco and FX Studio Loops. Drums, atmos, hits and impacts, synths for Synthwave and Lo Fi Vox Samples, also FX drones and Atmos with incredible quality. 

Full content of this package:

151 Wav_Disco Synth Samples
157 Wav_Disco Drum Samples
155 Wav_Retrowave Synth Samples
166 Wav_Retrowave Drum Samples
175 Wav_EDM Lead Samples
255 Wav_EDM Drum Samples
179 Wav_Lo Fi Vox Samples
204 Wav_Lo Fi Drum Samples
202 Wav_Jazz Piano Samples
203 Wav_Jazz Drum Samples
212 Wav_Garage Drum Samples
250 Wav_Garage Bass Samples
252 Wav_FX Atmo Samples
305 Wav_FX Drone Samples
158 Wav_Vox FX Samples

But not only these genres receives attention in this pack, we also included EDM drums, Leads and risers, basslines for Garage and electronic music!    Blend everything with your creativity and you may have the next hit!

This free pack includes 4 GB of free samples, free loops free music & audio loops downloads including sound effects for producers! 3000 WAV studio samples, drums and beats!

Download this product free! Simply ask for download link or subscribe. Check our website often and add us to your Favorites!  
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