Urban Games 1-4 Bundle Trap & Hip Hop

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Urban Games 1-4 Bundle Collection

The “Urban Games 1-4 Bundle Collection” is the greatest addition to your Trap and Hip Hop samples sounds library. 7500 Samples within 22 GB Library! Pure Trap, Urban and Hip Hop Music Premium Sounds!

Bundle comes with ALL 4 latest Urban Related Volumes:

-Urban Games Part 1 Hip Hop Samples Pack (with 1742 samples)
Urban Games Part 2 Hip Hop Samples Pack (with 1773 samples)
Urban Games Part 3 Trap Samples Pack (with 2070 samples)
Urban Games Part 4 Trap Samples Pack (with 1970 samples)

The collection includes over 7500 samples, full drum loops, synths, great basses, lead loops and one-shot samples, pad loops and FX and many more different styles of Trap, Urban and Hip Hop great sounds.

Here’s what you can expect with ‘Urban Games 1-4 Packs Bundle’:

Trap/Hip Hop Drum Loops
Urban Drums
Trap and Hip Hop Bass Loops
Synth Samples
Various Pads
FX Samples
Clap Loops and Vox Samples
Various Synth Lines
Various Percussion Loops
New Leads
Trap New Snare Rolls

Get these new studio Music Samples now! Everything you need to create a great modern track or song.