Ultra Ritual Electronic for Serum (Serum Presets)

Ultra Samples Audio
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Ultra Samples Audio

Ultra Samples Audio presents a great collection of free Serum synth sounds! Ritual Electronic Presets for Serum is a great selection of xFer Serum patches, specially crafted for your audio synths arsenal!

You will find inside presets for almost all musical genres available today!
Ultra Samples Audio is proud to presets the latest Serum Presets Pack, Ritual Electronic for Serum!

Ritual Electronic for Serum contains 125 Serum Presets:

40 Bass Presets
6 Chord Presets
12 Wobble and Growl Bass Presets
10 Pad Presets

32 Leads Presets

16 Pluck Presets
10 Synth Presets
FX and more Various Presets

Serum is a popular wavetable synthesiser used by many electronic music producers. It is known for its high-quality sound and versatility, making it a popular choice for creating a wide range of electronic music genres including techno, house, trance, dubstep, and many more.

With this Presets pack, we hope you will find great inspiration while using xFer Serum!