Trap Producer Volume 4

M-Pro Loops Studio
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M-Pro Loops Studio

Trap Producer Volume 4 is the latest addition to our renowned sample pack series.
Key and BPM is included for all samples/loops!

Packed with an impressive 1.65GB of top-notch content, including a whopping 1005 samples and loops, this collection is your one-stop shop for crafting chart-topping trap beats.

What's Inside:

  1. 808 Loops (10 Files): Ground-shaking 808 basslines that will give your tracks that signature trap rumble. These loops are designed to hit hard and make your subs rumble.

  2. Construction Kits (149 Files): Dive into 149 meticulously crafted construction kits, each containing all the elements you need to build complete trap tracks quickly. From drums to melodies, these kits provide endless inspiration.

  3. Drum Kits and Loops (329 Files): Create infectious rhythms with our extensive selection of drum kits and loops. From punchy kicks to snappy snares and intricate hi-hats, we've got your drum needs covered.

  4. One-Shots (WAV) (67 Files): Perfect for creating custom drum patterns and unique sound design, these one-shots are essential for adding that personal touch to your productions.

  5. Trap Drum One-Shots (140 Files): Dive even deeper into your drum programming with this specialized collection of trap drum one-shots. Craft the perfect beats with precision.

  6. Trap Drum Loops (120 Files): Need some quick drum inspiration? Our trap drum loops are designed to kickstart your creativity and keep your productions flowing.

  7. Trap FX (80 Files): Elevate your tracks with an array of captivating sound effects, transitions, and atmospheric elements. These FX will add depth and intrigue to your music.

  8. Trap Sub & Bass Loops (40 Files): Craft the low-end foundation of your tracks with these heavy sub and bass loops. Get those speakers shaking with powerful sub-bass lines.

  9. Trap Synth Loops (50 Files): Infuse your tracks with catchy melodies and captivating hooks using our trap synth loops. These loops are guaranteed to get stuck in your listeners' heads.

  10. Trap Vocal Loops (20 Files): Add a human touch to your trap beats with our vocal loops. Whether you want catchy hooks or atmospheric vocal layers, we've got you covered.

Trap Producer Volume 4 is the ultimate toolbox for trap music producers, offering a vast selection of high-quality samples and loops that will keep you inspired and help you create professional-sounding tracks with ease.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your trap production to new heights. Grab "Trap Producer Volume 4" today and start crafting chart-topping bangers that will leave your audience in awe!