Techno Rift Collection

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Announcing the Techno Rift Collection: Dive into a world of sonic invention with this precisely constructed sample collection, which boasts an astounding 1615 samples and loops, all carefully tailored to electrify your music production adventure.

With a library size of 2.16GB, this collection is a treasure mine of sound that will take your tunes to new heights.

The Techno Rift Collection is a versatile powerhouse that crosses borders. It is primarily geared for the Techno and Minimal genres. It seamlessly adapts to a wide range of electronic music styles, including House, Tech, Slap House, and even the high-energy realm of EDM. No matter if you're a budding producer or a seasoned artist, these top-tier samples are your key to unlimited creative possibilities.

The Techno Rift Collection is your ticket to a world of aural adventure. Immerse yourself in a broad variety of tunes that have been painstakingly handpicked for your convenience:

  • 20 Techno Claps: Add that perfect rhythmic punch to your tracks.
  • 20 Techno Pad Loops: Envelop your audience in rich, atmospheric textures.
  • 20 Techno Vox Loops: Elevate your compositions with ethereal vocal elements.
  • 30 Techno Atmos Loops: Infuse your tracks with evocative ambient layers.
  • 30 Techno Kicks: Lay down powerful foundations for your beats.
  • 40 Techno Tops: Create intricate percussive patterns and grooves.
  • 44 Techno FX Samples: Inject dynamic transitions and effects.
  • 60 Techno Bass Loops: Provide a solid low-end foundation.
  • 60 Techno Full Groove Loops: Instantly drop full-fledged grooves into your projects.
  • 65 Techno Percussion Loops: Add intricate rhythms and layers to your tracks.
  • 78 Techno Texture Loops: Create depth and atmosphere with textured elements.
  • 105 Techno Synth Loops: Craft melodic hooks and mesmerizing leads.
  • 156 Techno Melody Loops: Inspire your compositions with captivating melodies.
  • 385 Techno Drum Loops: Speed up your workflow with ready-to-use drum patterns.
  • 502 Techno ONE SHOTS: Build custom beats and rhythms from scratch with a diverse array of one-shot samples.

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Compatible with every DAW on the market, including FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper, Bitwig, Studio One, Logic Pro, and Cakewalk, among many others.

Your musical visions are within reach with the Techno Rift Collection at your disposal. Dive into a world of musical brilliance, where every beat, tune, and sound is a monument to electronic music's limitless ingenuity. With the Techno Rift Collection, you can take your tracks to the next level and travel on an incredible musical experience. It's more than a sample pack; it's your passport to sound mastery.