Techno Packs 2023 - Drums Mayhem!

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Techno Packs 2023- Drums Mayhem!

This Techno Packs 2023- Drums Mayhem! Samples Pack is ideal for producers, Techno music creators and even House producers alike and will give you that inspiration needed to make your productions stand out from the crowd.

The “Techno Packs 2023- Drums Mayhem Samples Pack” is the greatest addition to your Techno, Festival Tech House and Minimal samples sound library. 
Around 4GB of pure Techno and House Premium Drum Sounds!  

The collection includes 2100 Drum samples, long techno Drum loops, short techno drum loops, great techno one shot kick and snare samples, FX hats and Drum hits and sounds, used for percussion or transitions.

Here’s what you can expect with ‘Techno Packs 2023- Drums Mayhem! Samples Pack’:

Techno Short Drum Loops
Various Techno Drum Loops
One Shot Kick Samples
Short Techno and Minimal Drum Loops
Drum Hits and One Shots created for Techno genre
FX Drum Hit Sounds!
Snare Loops for Techno style

Get these new Techno, Minimal and Tech Audio Drum Samples now!