RetroWave COMPLETE Super Pack - 5 Volumes Synthwave Bundle

M-Pro Loops Studio
US$15.00 US$42.00
M-Pro Loops Studio


-RetroWave & SynthWave Loops Pack Volume 1
-RetroWave & SynthWave Loops Pack Volume 2
-RetroWave & SynthWave Loops Pack Volume 3
-RetroWave & SynthWave Loops Pack Volume 4
-RetroWave & SynthWave Loops Pack Volume 5

-26,000++ WAV Studio Quality Samples and Loops
-61 GB download archives, 80 GB after unzip on your hard drive
-Fast same day delivery!
-Fast same day library download link sent!

What kind of WAV samples/loops are included:

Retrowave Drum Loops
Synthwave Drum Loops
80s and 90s Drum Loops
Various Sequence Loops
Snare Samples and Clap Samples
Hi Hat Samples and Percussion Samples
Build Drum Loops
Arp Loops
Tom Groove Loops
Chords for Retro Music
Misc Synthesizer Loops
Pads and Atmos
FX Samples and Effects
16/24 Bit Quality

This is a luxurious collection of studio and live recorded drums specially forged for any Retro music productions!
The sample pack is loaded with everything in one place, including Arps, Drum loops, Synths and Basslines, FX Effects, Grooves, Chords and Pads

Everything has been organized and labeled for easy access and usage.
The files are drag & drop ready! Highly recommended for producers of all electronic genres.
Check the content photo to see the libraries included

Tempos are between 80 and 130 bpm. Best studio quality. All samples and loops are Royalty Free.
Samples are in WAV format, used in all DAW software you may use. No matter what DAW you use, WAV will be compatible.

.WAV files compatible software includes:
FL Studio, Cubase, Sonar, Nuendo, Reason, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Sound Forge, Reaper, Audacity, Tracktion, Presonus, Native Instruments samplers and much, much more!

If you are a Electronic music producer, you need this Great Library! 26100 +++ files!
You can use them in your Retrowave music projects but they are also suited for other electronic music genres as well like Synthwave, Pop, Disco, EDM, even Trap, Rap, Urban and more...

Every single sample in this pack is 100% usable and mix ready!
All sounds are organised into folders for easy access and can be used in your productions because are Royalty Free.

Important about delivery:
This Retro Wave Loops Pack will be Delivered via Download, you will receive Download links after payment, instant


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John Cordas
09 Aug 2022
Verified purchase
I would have loved to give this sample pack a 10, and I would have if the labelling was done properly. The samples are all great, no issue there, but none of the samples are marked with their respective keys. It's all like " Synthwavesample00121" Which does not help me find the samples I need in the key I need them. It would improve your product, and the satisfaction of your customers if all your samples were named with the key included ie: "synthwave0121bassA#" I have avoided using these packs too much because it takes too long to find the right key.
I would also be able to fast track my productions by searching for "A#" and all the relevant samples would pop up in my search. Neat huh?
Frank Hassas
19 Feb
You can use mixed in Key. Just drag in a folder and all loops will be named with key and bpm. This is super fast.