Psy and Trance Construction Kits Pack

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Psy and Trance Construction Kits Collection is an exceptional sample pack that offers a comprehensive resource for music producers looking to create top-quality psy and trance tracks.

With 29 full studio kits and over 11GB of content, including 1100+ samples and loops, this pack is a treasure trove of sounds and inspiration.

The pack covers all the essential elements of psy and trance music production, including psy trance basslines, trance drum loops, psy trance leads, plucks, and atmospheres. Each of the 29 studio kits has been designed to provide a complete track, with all the individual elements, such as drums, basslines, leads, plucks, and atmospheres, professionally mixed and mastered to almost perfection.

The sample pack comes with more than 11GB of content and offers an extensive range of sounds, with each sample and loop expertly crafted to provide maximum impact and clarity. Whether you're looking for powerful basslines, soaring leads, or intricate atmospheres, you'll find everything you need in this pack.

The quality of the samples and loops is exceptional, with each sound designed to inspire and spark creativity.

With its vast array of sounds and unparalleled quality, the Psy and Trance Construction Kits Pack is an essential resource for music producers of all levels. No matter if you're a beginner or an experienced producer, this pack will help you take your music to the next stage and beyond.