Modern POP FX Samples

M-Pro Loops Studio
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M-Pro Loops Studio

Modern POP FX Samples Collection
-2023 WAV Studio Quality Samples and Loops
-2.5 GB download archives, 3.24 GB after unzip on your hard drive
-Fast same day delivery!
-Fast same day library download link sent!

What kind of WAV samples/loops are included:

POP FX Loops
Electronic FX Samples
Bass and Chord Hits FX for POP
Alarm FX Samples
One Shot Synths and Bass Samples
Riser and Downer Loops
POP Impacts
Vox FX Samples
Hybrid Hits and Crashes
Applause and Noise FX Samples
String FX
Laser FX 

This is a luxurious collection of studio created and live recorded FX Loops + FX One Shot samples specially forged for any POP music productions!

Everything has been organized and labeled for easy access and usage. 
The files are drag & drop ready! Highly recommended for producers of all electronic genres.

Tempos are between 80 and 140 bpm. Best studio quality. All samples and loops are Royalty Free.
Samples are in WAV format, used in all DAW software you may use. No matter what DAW you use, WAV will be compatible.