Hip Hop Genesys (Free!)

Composer Loops
Composer Loops

Hip Hop Genesys is a high-quality free sample pack
that offers a diverse range of sounds and loops for hip hop music production. The pack contains a library size of 1.3GB, providing a vast array of options for producers to choose from.

Download from HERE

Included in the pack are 7 FX & Risers, 83 Drum & Perc One Shots, 94 One Shots, 117 Drum & Perc Loops, and 126 Melodic Loops.

These elements can be combined to create intricate beats, dynamic rhythms, and captivating melodies that can be used in a variety of hip hop genres, from old-school to modern trap.

The 7 FX & Risers can be used to add tension, drama, and impact to your productions. The 83 Drum & Perc One Shots are perfect for creating your own unique beats and rhythms, while the 94 One Shots offer a range of melodic and atmospheric sounds to add texture and depth to your tracks.

The 117 Drum & Perc Loops and 126 Melodic Loops offer a broad range of pre-made loops that can be used as is or chopped up and rearranged to create your own unique compositions.

Hip Hop Genesys is a comprehensive and versatile sample pack that provides a wealth of high-quality sounds and loops for producers and musicians working in the hip hop, trap, and R&B genres. It is available as a free download from www.composerloops.com.