Glitch Hop Studio Essentials

M-Pro Loops Studio
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M-Pro Loops Studio

🎧 Dive into the Futuristic Sounds of Glitch Hop Studio Essentials! 🎛️

This colossal collection boasts a staggering 1121 high-quality samples and loops, weighing in at a massive 2.47 GB of mind-bending content! 🚀

🔊 Key Features:

🎶 30 Synths @ 110 BPM 🕺 Add depth and intrigue to your tracks with 30 mesmerizing synth loops, perfectly crafted for that hypnotic 110 BPM groove!

🔥 46 Bass @ 150 BPM 🎸 Power up your basslines with 46 heavy-hitting bass loops that scream 150 BPM energy!

🥁 105 Drums @ 110 BPM 🥁 Fuel your beats with rhythmic precision using 105 expertly designed drum loops, all set to a slick 110 BPM tempo.

🎤 91 Vocals 🎙️ Inject soul and emotion into your Glitch Hop creations with 91 pristine vocal samples, ready to elevate your soundscapes.

🌟 97 FX Risers 🌠 Build anticipation and excitement with 97 attention-grabbing FX risers that add cinematic flair to your tracks.

🎹 112 Synths @ 150 BPM 🎵 Elevate your melodies with 112 synth loops, each tuned to the vibrant tempo of 150 BPM.

🥁 149 Drums @ 140 BPM 🥁 Pump up the rhythm with 149 dynamic drum loops, perfect for that classic Glitch Hop vibe at 140 BPM.

🌌 150 Pads 🌠 Create lush, atmospheric backgrounds with 150 ethereal pad samples that transport your listeners to otherworldly realms.

🎵 156 Various Synths 🎹 Elevate your sound with 156 versatile synth samples, spanning a range of styles and tones.

🛠️ Perfect for:

🎧 Producers and DJs 🎮 Game and App Developers 🎥 Film and TV Soundtracks 🎙️ Podcast Creators 💃 Dancefloor Dominators

With Glitch Hop Studio Essentials, you have everything you need to craft mesmerizing glitch-infused beats that will leave your audience craving more. Don't miss out on this treasure trove of sonic inspiration! Get your copy today and start creating the future of Glitch Hop. 🎶✨

🚀 Elevate Your Sound. Inspire Your Creativity. 🚀 Unleash your creativity with our cutting-edge sample and loop pack, Glitch Hop Studio Essentials!