Dubstep The Claw! by Star Samples

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M-Pro Loops Studio

Star Samples Audio Dubstep The Claw! Sample Pack is a new, great collection of extreme quality samples for Dubstep music genre. If you create Dubstep tracks, you need this new, fresh  pack of sounds!

All included samples are BPM and Key labelled!
For Bass, we used synthesis techniques like subtractive synthesis, wavetable synthesis, or granular synthesis to design complex and dynamic bass sounds.

We also used effects like distortion, compression, and filtering to further shape the sound and make it more intense and aggressive. In addition, we added sidechain compression and rhythmic patterning to create a pumping, driving loops that perfectly fits the beat.

The “Dubstep Claw! Pack” is the latest addition to your Dubstep samples sounds arsenal. 350+ MB of pure Dubstep Music Premium Sounds!   

The collection includes now 231 samples, leads, synth leads, pianos, pads, vocals, sub bass, basslines for any kind of electronic music project. We also included 140bpm Dubstep beats, best studio quality.

Here’s what you can expect with ‘Dubstep Leads! Pack’:

70 Dubstep Kicks
51 Dubstep Snares
25 Drum Loops_140bpm
20 Bass Loops_140bpm
15 Vox Samples 140bpm
15 Sub_Loops
15 Lead Synths 140bpm
10 Piano Loops 140bpm
10 Pad Loops 140bpm

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the early 2000s in the UK, characterized by its heavy basslines and aggressive, halftime beat patterns.

All our Dubstep sample packs typically include sounds like basslines, drums, synths, and sound effects that are commonly used in Dubstep music production. You will be prepared for modern Dubstep flow with this super pack