Drum and Bass Drum Loops Volume 3

M-Pro Loops Studio
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M-Pro Loops Studio

Included in this Sample Pack:

Drum and Bass Drum Loops Volume 3
5700 WAV Studio Quality Samples & Loops
4.8 GB download archives, 6.2 GB after unzip on your hard drive


The pack features a diverse selection of drum loops, ranging from thunderous kicks and snares to intricate hi-hats and cymbals. Each loop is meticulously designed to give your tracks a powerful and dynamic edge, and the sheer variety of loops ensures that you will find the perfect sound for your project.

What sets the Drum and Bass Drum Loops Vol. 3 Samples Pack apart from other drum loop collections is the unparalleled quality of the recordings and more than 5700 audio files. The loops are recorded with precision and clarity, capturing every nuance of the sound with stunning clarity and definition. The result is a set of loops that sounds absolutely massive and will give your tracks an unparalleled level of impact and intensity.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, the Drum and Bass Drum Loops Vol. 3 Samples Pack is an essential tool for anyone looking to create music in the drum and bass genre.

With its mind-blowing selection of loops, unparalleled quality, and dynamic energy, this pack is sure to inspire and elevate your music to new heights.