DnB COMPLETE Ultra Bundle (7 Volumes)

M-Pro Loops Studio
US$15.00 US$51.00
M-Pro Loops Studio


What you receive:
-New Drum and Bass DnB Drum Samples and Loops

-26200+++ Studio Quality Loops (DnB genre)
-24GB zipped archives, 29GB after unzip on your hard drive

Save $ when you buy this Ultra Pack, you pay more if you get separate Drum and Bass Drum Volumes ++ Essential Bass Volumes below:

Drum and Bass Drum Loops Volume 1 (3253 Samples)
Drum and Bass Drum Loops Volume 2 (6000 samples)
Drum and Bass Drum Loops Volume 3 (5700 samples)
Drum and Bass Drum Loops Volume 4 (5100 samples)

Drum and Bass Bass Loops Volume 1 (1800 samples)
Drum and Bass Bass Loops Volume 2 (1980 samples)
Drum and Bass Bass Loops Volume 3 (1830 samples)

This is a luxurious collection of Royalty Free studio and live recorded drums and basslines specially forged for any Drum & Bass DNB productions! The sample pack is loaded with everything in one place, including loops, samples, oneshots and midi files

What kind of WAV samples/loops are included:

Drum and Bass Drum Loops
Jungle Drum Loops
Hardcore DNB Drum Loops
Drum Fills
Bass and Basslines for DnB
808 Beats and Loops
808 Bass
Kick Samples
Snare Samples
Sub Bass
Reese Basslines
Percussion Samples
Perc Loops
Build Drum Loops
Kick Loops
Drum Builds
Wobble Basslines
Oneshot Bass Hits!

Drum and Bass is a subgenre of electronic dance music that originated in the UK in the mid-1990s. It is characterized by its fast beat, around 170 beats per minute, and its focus on basslines, as well as its use of samples from a variety of sources, including hip hop, funk, soul, and reggae.

Many producers in the drum and bass genre incorporate samples into their productions to add texture, build atmosphere, and create interest. Some popular samples in drum and bass include vocal samples, sound effects, and instrument samples such as guitar and piano licks. Sampling is an important aspect of drum and bass production, and many producers have built their careers on their unique use of samples and the creation of their own sample packs.

Purchase our samples with confidence, you will have enough material to create dozens of tracks.