Cinematic COMPLETE Mega Drum Loops Bundle Wav Samples

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M-Pro Loops Studio


Save a lot of $ when you buy this Cinematic Drums Bundle, you pay more if you get separate Volumes!

Included in pack:
Cinematic Chillout and Ambient Volume 1 (4122 Samples)
Cinematic Chillout and Ambient Volume 2 (7300 samples)
Cinematic Chillout and Ambient Volume 3 (5800 samples)
Cinematic Chillout and Ambient Volume 4 (5200 samples)

-All 4 Cinematic, Chillout and Ambient Drum Loops Collections
-23,000 WAV Studio Quality Drum Loops
-40 GB download archives, 54 GB after unzip on your hard drive
-Fast same day delivery!
-Fast same day library download link sent!
Includes also a nice collection of Cinematic Strings, Arps and Synths!

This collection of drum loops is specifically designed to be used in film, television and game soundtracks, and other forms of media that require a dramatic and emotive score. These drum loops are designed to complement the visual elements of the media and enhance the overall emotion of the scene.

Cinematic drum loops are characterized by their epic and dramatic feel, they can be quite complex, featuring a variety of different drum sounds and rhythms.

You can use them to create tension, build momentum and support the overall musical theme. They are also designed to be easily edited and manipulated, so they can be tailored to fit the specific needs of a particular project.

They can be found in a variety of formats but we included only the universal one, WAV that can be used in a huge variety of music production software.

What kind of WAV samples/loops are included:

Cinematic Drum Loops
Ambient Drum Loops
Chillout Drum Loops
Drum Fills
Kick Samples
Snare Samples
Clap Samples
Hi Hat Samples
Percussion Samples
Hi Hat Rolls
Cymbal Loops
Perc Loops
Build Drum Loops
Snare & Roll Loops
Kick Loops
24 Bit Quality
Tom Groove Loops
Drum Builds
Misc Perc Loops
Triangle Loops
Shaker Loops

This is a luxurious collection of studio and live recorded drums specially forged for any Movie, Trailer and Ambiental or Chillout productions!
The sample pack is loaded with everything in one place, including Grooves, Fills & Endings.

Everything has been organized and labeled for easy access and usage. 
The files are drag & drop ready! Highly recommended for producers of all electronic genres.

Tempos are between 60 and 120 bpm. Best studio quality. All samples and loops are Royalty Free.