Cinematic Chillout and Ambient Power Drum Loops

M-Pro Loops Studio
US$5.00 US$12.00
M-Pro Loops Studio

What Comes With this amazing Drum Samples Pack:

– Cinematic Chillout and Ambient Power Drum Loops
– 7,000 WAV Studio Quality Loops (16 GB for downloads, 19 GB on your hard drive after unzipping)
-Fast delivery the same day!
-Quick library download link sent the same day!
+++ FREEBIE!! 2 GB of strings, arps, and synths for movies!

The following types of WAV files and loops are included:
Cinematic Drum Loops
Ambient Drum Loops
Chillout Drum Loops
Drum Fills
808 Beats and Loops
Kick Samples
Snare Samples
Clap Samples
Hi Hat Samples
Percussion Samples
Hi Hat Rolls
Cymbal Loops
Perc Loops
Build Drum Loops
Snare & Roll Loops
Kick Loops
24 Bit Quality

This is an exclusive set of studio and live recorded drums made just for Movie, Trailer, Ambient, or Chillout projects.There are grooves, fills, and endings in the sample pack, as well as everything else.Everything is labeled and organized so it's easy to find and use.

You can drag and drop the files! Highly suggested for electronic music producers of all types. Beats per minute (bpm) range from 60 to 120. The best recording sound. It's free to use all of the loops and tracks.

WAV files are used by all DAW tools, so you can use them. Word Wave files (WAV) can be used with any DAW.FL Studio, Cubase, Sonar, Nuendo, Reason, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Sound Forge, Reaper, Audacity, Tracktion, Presonus, Native Instruments samplers, and a lot more can all work with WAV files.

This Great Library is a must-have for anyone who makes electronic music. Samples included work well for Cinematic, Ambient, and Chillout music projects, but they can also be used for other types of computer music. Each sample in this pack can be used right away and is ready to be mixed. There are folders for easy access to all the sounds, and you can use them in your projects because they are Royalty Free.