Chillout Escape

Composer Loops
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Composer Loops

Chillout Escape, is an enchanting sample pack that will transport you to a world of relaxation and tranquility.

With a vast collection of 531 samples and a generous 1.5GB of content, this pack is the ultimate toolkit for creating mesmerizing Chillout and Ambient/Downtempo tracks.

All samples have BPM and Key information included! Create music faster

Key Features of Chillout Escape:

  1. 5 Construction Kits: Dive into the serene realm of Chillout music with 5 meticulously crafted construction kits. Each kit contains a combination of soothing elements including dreamy drum loops, gentle chillout basslines, ethereal synths, captivating vocals, enchanting pianos, and more.

  2. Drum Loops: Set the pace and create the perfect rhythm with a diverse selection of professionally produced drum loops. From laid-back grooves to intricate patterns, these loops provide the foundation for your Chillout tracks.

  3. Chillout Bass: Add depth and warmth to your compositions with smooth and melodic chillout bass samples. These basslines will create a solid and soothing backbone for your tracks.

  4. Synths: Create captivating melodies and atmospheric textures with a range of beautiful synth sounds. From lush pads to delicate arpeggios, these samples will add depth and emotion to your Chillout productions.

  5. Vocals: Enhance the emotional impact of your tracks with captivating vocal samples. Discover dreamy vocal phrases, airy chants, and mesmerizing vocal textures that will evoke a sense of serenity and calm.

  6. Pianos: Infuse your compositions with elegance and grace using enchanting piano samples. From delicate melodies to soothing chords, these pianos will bring a touch of sophistication to your Chillout tracks.

  7. One Shots: Expand your sonic palette with a variety of one-shot samples, including drums, percussion, synths, and atmospheric effects. These versatile sounds will help you add unique elements and details to your Chillout and Downtempo productions.

Chillout Escape is the ultimate companion for producers looking to create ambient, soothing, and introspective Chillout tracks. With its extensive collection of high-quality samples, construction kits, and a wide range of versatile sounds, this pack provides the perfect tools for crafting beautiful and immersive compositions.

No matter if you're working on film soundtracks, ambient tracks, or relaxation music, Chillout Escape will transport your listeners to a place of tranquility and introspection. Embark on a sonic journey and unlock your creativity with Chillout Escape.