425.200 Midi Collection - Almost All Music Genres

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This Best Seller collection includes the best 425.500 Midi samples you can find, period.
After first best seller in this category, the Midi Pack Volume 2 that we released here is the new king in town.
Not freeware from the internet, not unusable Midi files, not junk midi files. Only high quality Midi samples!

This pack is extremely useful if you create Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Cinematic, Motivational music, Ambient/Chillout, Trap, Dubstep, House, DNB, Progressive House, Trance, Future House or any genre you can imagine.
This is great for adding to your Midi tracks various sound effects and most of all, for inspiration.

Product Details:

• 1.5 GB Zipped, almost 2 GB total size library.
• 425500 Midi files, organized in folders and subfolders, for fast access
• Top Class Quality

You can use the MIDI Collection with:

Chords to create the structure and foundation for your tracks.
Pads to add movement and complexity to the rest of your composition.
Basslines to define a new level of refinement to your bass progressions.
Leads to hit all the right notes and emotional tones.
Arpeggios to brighten up the song and add those extra finishing touches.

On top of that, the MIDI Collection will help you:

Eliminate the need to spend years learning music theory by having all the chords & progressions you need.
Have an instant, perfect-sounding foundation for your tracks to start & finish them quickly.
Get instant inspiration from the new chords & progressions available to you.
Go beyond basic chords with complex chords & progressions so your music can stand out.
Skyrocket your progress as a producer by finishing more tracks than ever.

425,200+ MIDI files total, All 100% Royalty Free (Unlimited Use)

Why buy our Midi Collection:
Are you struggling with finding the right notes for your tracks? Then our ultimate MIDI collection might be the answer!
This MIDI pack contains a total of 425,500 MIDI files, everything from arps to basslines, chords and melodies to leads, pianos, 808 bass, atmospheres and even snare rolls! It has never been easier to create an awesome sounding track with these MIDI files.

Drag and drop these files into your DAW of choice, add a virtual instrument and you are set to go!

Or you can use them as inspiration for some new sounds. Let's say you drag and drop the Midi file on a Midi track, in your DAW, add a virtual instrument like Massive, Omnisphere or Serum, then simply change the presets and you will get unlimited sounds!
And the best of all, you can change the notes, how you like, this means almost infinite combinations!!